About Alardus van den Bosch

Designer and Craftsman in Wood Inlay (Intarsia)

Born in the Netherlands in a small rural village, between the historic towns of s'Hertogenbosch and Nijmegen. This area is famous in Holland for furniture makers.

Alardus' father was a building contractor, and behind their house was the carpentry workshop. From a young age Alardus could be found in the workshop making things from wood.

In 1968, Alardus went to the Art Academy in Enschede, (north-east Holland) where he enjoyed creating and designing in mixed materials.

In 1972 he came to live in England, here he studied at Brighton Art College, developing his designing skills. He also at this time became interested in repairing Antiques.

In 1976 he came to live in the west country.

Then in 1978 studied in South India with National Award winner and Master Craftsman L. Nagaraj the Art of Inlay.

Alardus produces pieces of exceptional craftsmanship with his own original designs, this is a unique combination of talent and vision that he turns into items that can be used and enjoyed in the home today and for many years to come.



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